Zabbix Install Docker

  1. Install Zabbix Docker Ubuntu
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  3. Zabbix Docker Install Curl
  4. Install Zabbix Docker Synology

Container applications are becoming more and more common, but how do we manage a large number of containers? Monitoring, of course!

Today’s article is about using ZABBIX to monitor the docker container!

Zabbix Install Docker

Zabbix provides Docker images for each Zabbix component as portable and self-sufficient containers to speed up deployment and update procedure. Zabbix components come with MySQL and PostgreSQL database support, Apache2 and Nginx web server support. These images are separated into different images.

  1. The example demonstrates how to run Zabbix server with MySQL database support, Zabbix web interface based on the Nginx web server and Zabbix Java gateway. Create network dedicated for Zabbix component containers: # docker network create -subnet -ip-range zabbix-net.
  2. HOW-TO: Install Zabbix with MySQL as containers using docker-compose Provision EC2 instance. Provision Amazon Linux 2 EC2 with static IP and ports 22, 80, 443 and 10051 open in the security group.

About the principle of docker monitored by ZABBIX:

  • Agent2 monitors docker by calling the docker API to obtain data
  • The plug-in directory is stored in zabbix-agent2 / SRC / go / plugins / docker
  • The client.go file defines the communication between docker client and server using UNIX socket address
  • The default socket location is / var / run / docker.sock

Monitoring the deployment of docekr through ZABBIX can be divided into five parts:

1. Download zabbix-agent2

  • Install zabbix-agent2 on the monitored host. Note:Agent2, not agent.
  • The version of zabbix-agent2 should be consistent with the server version

2. Modify the configuration file to the basic configuration.

3. It is very important to add ZABBIX users to the docker group, which must not be ignored.

Install Zabbix Docker Ubuntu

Because after installing zabbix-agent2, a user ZABBIX will be created by default

To get docker data, we need to have access to the / var / run / docker.sock socket.

We can see that besides the root user, the docker group also has read and write permissions, so we add the ZABBIX user to the docker group.

4. Run zabbix-agent2 service

5. Configure on the web page

  • Our client is still used in this experiment192.168.1.5Host
  • Steps:Click Configure – Host – click host – template – select link new template – host group – template – select docker – click Update

After the update, we canConfiguration - hostYou can see docker in the monitoring item

Zabbix Install DockerFull

Just a moment and we’ll be thereMonitoring - latest dataView the monitored docker information


At this point, we run a docker container of web01

In a moment, we can see ZABBIX detecting the docker container about the contents of the web01 container

Zabbix Docker Install Curl

The template used in this article is a self-contained template
Now, we have finished our content on ZABBIX monitoring docker!

Install Zabbix Docker Synology

This is the end of this article about the application configuration of ZABBIX monitoring docker. For more information about ZABBIX monitoring docker, please search the previous articles of developeppaer or continue to browse the relevant articles below. I hope you will support developeppaer in the future!