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  • TotalFinder is a universally acclaimed navigational companion for your Mac. Enhance your Mac's Finder with features so smart and convenient, you won't believe you ever lived without them. Tab-based interface - Say goodbye to scattered, disorganized Finder windows. TotalFinder merges everything into a workflow-friendly, tab-based layout.

TotalFinder is my attempt to make better for programmers and Mac power users. I want it better for myself!

The Story


I use Finder as my primary file manager and I have many small ideas how could I make it better. But my ultimate goal is quite ambitious. The goal is to extend Finder to support dual-panel mode like Total Commander. People around me are leaving Windows for Macs and asking for a Total Commander replacement. Need to hurry! :-)

Do you know Visor? TotalFinder is also implemented as a SIMBL plugin which extends functionality. TotalFinder works in Snow Leopard only. The reason is that has been rewritten into Cocoa in Snow Leopard which finally made this hacking possible.

TotalFinder 0.2 ALPHA
The full changelog:

It was tested on my MacBook Pro 17” with 10.6.2 OSX running 32-bit kernel.

Before you install it, open terminal and prepare this command:

rm -rf '/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/TotalFinder.bundle'

There is a chance that during startup TotalFinder crashes and brings down whole The problem is that there is a process continuously starting if it is not running somewhere in OSX. So it ends as an infinite loop of starts and crashes until you remove TotalFinder SIMBL.

You were warned! Stay sharp!

Note: The bug should be fixed in 0.2.1


OK, let’s see some screenshots:

As you can grasp from the images this version implements two main features:

  • Visor-like system-wide Finder window available via a hot-key
  • Prevention of littering .DS_Store files all over the place

And you can also see that I’m planning to start selling this at some point in the future when the thing gets more stable.

How does .DS_Store redirection work?

Totalfinder M1

I’m pretty excited about solving the problem which has been bugging me for more than two years since the day I switched to Macintosh. Every single day!


Look, I use with enabled hidden files and I’m also pretty heavy user. The .DS_Store litter makes me cry! If you ever happened to google for a solution, you could find just some simple scripts for deleting .DS_Store files (futile!). Or maybe there is some commercial app which is capable of watching filesystem and deleting them after creation. But this is not good enough for me! I’m using folder colors in Finder ;)

Here is what I did in TotalFinder:

  • I’ve redirected low-level filesystem calls which does:
    • Anytime is asking to open /some/folder/.DS_Store file, I open it as /usr/local/.dscache/some/folder/_DS_Store
    • This way Finder thinks files are at original places but they are being physically created in prefix folder, effectively sandboxing them
    • The only exception is the prefix folder itself, when you go and see it in the Finder, no redirection is applied
  • I’ve implemented kernel extension Echelon, which monitors folder renames (and deletes) and sends them to TotalFinder
    • You see why. This is important to keep DS_Store folder structure in prefix directory mirroring actual structure on the disk

Yeah, kernel extension sounds scary. But I didn’t find a better solution in user-space. FSEvents are not precise enough (it just reports “something was changed”). BSD kqueues must be registered on per-file basis, so it is not usable in this scenario. At the end of the day that kernel extension turned out to be a really light-weight solution. I use KAUTH API to monitor kernel filesystem events. I do it only if TotalFinder is connected and only for renames and deletes. Testing is a simple C-string comparison and sending notification via socket.

I’ve been using TotalFinder with this redirection enabled for a while and it works pretty well. I’ve noticed only two drawbacks so far:

  • .DS_Store file is created on Desktop during OSX restart, Finder crash or TotalFinder reinstallation The reason is that SIMBL plugin gets injected too late and Finder manages to write this .DS_Store file
  • .DS_Store file is created when you modify Spotlight comment on a file This is caused by mdworker process and has no direct relation to process. It seems like Apple engineers scattered DS_Store functionality into more applications. I’m still investigating this. Temporary workaround is not using these Spotlight comments. Which is my case anyway.

I hope this is enough info for you to get started playing with TotalFinder. Your feedback is appreciated!

I’ve fixed tons of Visor bugs and made it possible under Snow Leopard. Now it is your turn to help me roll this out :-) Thanks!

I ran across an article entitled “Why a Finder Replacement is Still a Good Idea” on the tuts+ website while I was looking for solutions to why the Mavericks’ Finder lags so much for me when I create new Tags. I was curious to read why they would write that article given the improvements that were made in the recent release of Mavericks OS 10.9 (tabbed browsing, tags…). I ran across TotalFinder and noticed they give free licenses to bloggers for reviewing their product so I applied and received a free license, so here’s my take…

First of all I guess I should say that TotalFinder isn’t a “replacement Finder” but it overlays itself over the existing Finder. That’s technically what is happening. Secondly I’ll say that this isn’t going to be a review or description of all the features of TotalFinder, but just feedback on the ones I’ve used.

The features I LOVE:

Automatically adjust widths in Column View

This is a feature I’ve googled trying to find someone who has found a way to hack the Finder into doing this seemingly obvious need that computers are made to do. I primarily use column view and I always need to resize the column so I can see the full file name. They also have an option to set the minimum and maximum widths, just in case you have some super long files that bogart your screen space 🙂

To open TotalFinder preferences simply type Command-comma while in the Finder

Sidebar icons BACK in color

I can’t remember when we lost this but a few years ago we lost color icons in the sidebar of the Finder. This has cost me lost of time when hunting for particular folders that I place there and used custom color icons to help me find them. This is a very welcomed feature.

TotalFinder re-enables color sidebar icons – Yipee!

To enable the Color Icons in the Sidebar open the Finder Preferences (Command-comma) and click on the TotalFinder Tab at the top and then click on Sidebar in the Basic section on the left column and check the box next to “Show sidebar icons in color.”

TotalFinder Preference to Re-enable Color Icons in the Sidebar

Dual Mode — Two columns in one window

This is the first feature that caught my eye, which I thought I could really use. Every once in a while I’m working on something that has me in two different locations on the network and I’ve thought it would be so nice to have two locations in one window–here’s the answer! This mode is triggered by the keyboard shortcut Command-U.

One thing that has been hard for me to get used to, when using dual mode, is that the Sidebar for the right window is on the right side, but the files cascade left to right when you are in column view. I can get used to it but it’s awkward at first. I do wish the divider was a bit thicker because at times the two columns seem too close to me. That may be personal preference, and possibly a preference they can add to the settings.

Features I Like (they don’t quite make the LOVE category)

Folders on Top

This is one of the few things I miss from my Windows experience–having the folders grouped at the top verses being intermixed into the files when viewing the files in alphabetical order. I enabled this feature at first but then discovered that I’d really adapted to the folders in alphabetical order intermixed with the files and don’t like them on top so I disabled it after a while.

TotalFinder Preference to list Folders at the top (like in Windows)

Requested New Features

These are things that TotalFinder doesn’t do (as far as I’m aware) but I’m going to request…

Show System Files but hide .DS_Store files.

I want to see system files but the .DS_Store file that is in EVERY folder is something I don’t want to look at all the time at the top of the folder.

I’d like TotalFinder to show all the system files but hide the .DS_Store files

Integration into save, save as, and open windows of other applications

I wish the some of these features were available when I try to open a file from within a program (example microsoft excel). Specifically, I wish the column autosize feature was applied in this context….

Totalfinder Sip

I wish TotalFinder had its fingers entrenched in here too

Don’t open new Finder windows as a tab

If you command click on a file (in the finder, in search results, or on the dock) it will open the folder that holds that file in the Finder. With TotalFinder, it opens that folder in a Tab. I don’t like this because I lose track of where I am, and would prefer a new window.

Problems I’ve Run Into:

Totalfinder 1.12.3

Lagging When Re-Arranging Tags in Sidebar

I’ve already dialoged with the developer over this and we haven’t figured it out yet and I’m not sure whether it is a Mavericks Finder issue or a TotalFinder issue.

Update: I figured out what causes this (not TotalFinder) and have written up a solution here: How to Fix Finder Hanging When Tagging Files in OS 10.9 Mavericks

Other articles on TotalFinder:

  • TotalFinder Is The Finder Of The Future ( – Note: I did not read this review before writing my own review.

Totalfinder Bar At Bottom Of The Screen

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