Monosnap Mac

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Monosnap is available for Windows and Mac, or you can download the Chrome extension and use it in your browser. ShareX is a free screenshot tool (for Windows), but it isn’t as simple.

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  • 5️⃣ Press the '+' button to add Monosnap to the application list. 6️⃣ Select Monosnap checkbox to allow screen recording. 7️⃣ Restart your Mac. Notes and tips: ⚠️ Remove the permissions in ‘System Preferences’ and then restart macOS. After booting up, start Monosnap again: permission auto-enabled itself in system preferences.
  • ‎Leggi le recensioni, confronta le valutazioni dei clienti, guarda le istantanee e ottieni ulteriori informazioni su Monosnap - screenshot editor. Scarica Monosnap - screenshot editor per macOS 10.13 o versione successiva e comincia a usarlo sul tuo Mac.

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Go to

Click Download Monosnap

    You may get a prompt to open the App Store, click Open App Store

Click Get and Monosnap will automatically download to your computer


Open the App Store on your computer


Monosnap Mac Download

Search Monosnap and click Get

The Monosnap icon will show in the top right side of your screen in the menu bar.

We strongly suggest that you use headphones with a built in microphone (most standard earphones have a build in microphone) when recording the audio for this presentation.

Tip: Have your presentation ready, but not in presentation mode, before you start recording.

Uninstall Monosnap Mac

Click on the Monosnap icon and select Record Video from the drop down menu

The Monosnap recording window will pop up and the recording icon will show in the main menu bar on the top right of the screen

Monosnap Mac Cracked

Click on the recording icon and select Switch to full screen mode

Click on the recording icon again and select show settings

Change your settings to:

    Medium Quality

    Uncheck Capture Mouse Cursor (Capture Mouse Clicks will automatically uncheck)

    Do Not Record Webcam

    Select both Audio Inputs as Built-in Microphone

    Click on the recording icon once again and select Start Recording

    After starting the recording the recording icon turns red and starts counting. You should not see the recording tool bar when recording in full screen, but if you do see it, just minimize it.

Monosnap Mac

At this point you are ready to put your presentation into presentation mode, and you can start talking through your slides.

When you are done with your presentation:

    Exit out of presentation mode

    Click the recorder icon and select Finish Recording

A new window will pop up with your recording. Here you can preview your recorded presentation

To cut out the set up and closing of your presentation, drag the Start Point to where your presentation starts and drag the End Point to where your presentation ends.

Monosnap Screenshot Mac

At the top of the window, name your presentation recording, and click Save

Mac Monosnap Alternative

    You can choose where you want the video to be saved by clicking the dropdown menu, the default is a Monosnap folder.