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Mega IPTV is a simple, fast and modern IPTV player for macOS and iOS. Support for high resolution (HD and FULL HD) and available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Features:. Support for different formats: M3U and M3U PLUS (HLS, MPEGTS, TS). Integrated high-quality player. Simple and fast user interface. Support of remote playlists. End-to-end user-encrypted MEGA video chat allows for total privacy, and has been available through the browser since 2016. It has been extended to our mobile app, with chat history accessible across multiple devices. Users can also easily add files to a chat from their MEGA cloud drive. PRO LITE subscription: 4.99 € per month or 49.99 € per. Files from and to your MEGA account with a few mouse clicks. All in all, if the MEGA cloud storage and file hosting service is your preferred choice, then MEGAsync is a must-have application for you, as it provides a very quick way to sync files between your Mac and your cloud account, as well as to efficiently manage them directly from the.

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Smooth cloud drive synchronization

Working across platforms and tackling massive amounts of data requires secure, easily accessible online storage with a lot of room. Mega offers such services for users in a seamless fashion.

Easy data storage & management

Mega is a cloud-based storage and synchronization tool for Windows PCs that allows you to save and sync your files across devices.

Setting up Mega on your desktop is straightforward - create an account, and you're free to run the tool. The usage is just as simple, with the program taking care of synchronization and offering all options in a beautifully-designed interface.

Mega enables a lot of flexibility when it comes to what it syncs, helping you avoid stockpiling unnecessary files. With the selective sync function, that process becomes even more straightforward.

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As regards collaboration, you may share and access data by other users through the Web Interface. There's also a chat feature, further facilitating cooperation.

Mega will keep your files safe. It provides users with TLS and two-factor authentication to keep records safe. The privacy policy illustrates how all chatting is also secure due to the high-end, real-time encryption.

If you use Mega for free, it will provide you with 50GB of free storage and a transfer quota of 1GB a day. Mega pro costs differ depending on the plan you choose - there are three with impressive sizes.

Where can you run this program?

Mega is compatible with various versions of the Windows OS, from XP to 10.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Especially if you’re ready to pay, Mega offers amazing storage and security. If you don’t like it, Dropbox and pCloud offer a similar fee-based service, and Google Drive and Next Cloud are high-quality free alternatives.

Our take

Mega is one of the best cloud storage options for Windows users. The offered space and top-notch security features ensure an extraordinary service.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a Windows user, it will be of immense help. If you need even more considerable storage capacities, though, you may want to consider the alternatives.


Mega App Mac

Mega App Mac Download

  • 50GB of free storage
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption for safety

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