2.0.3 (20 Apr 2021):. MacUpdater is now localized into Chinese thanks to 'F1y Syn'. The menubar interface now also has the right-click contextual menu. Add more explanations about major upgrades and 'staging' to the app-info window. MacUpdater was created to help you find and deal with any outdated software on your system. It scans your Mac for apps that have updates available and then seeks to simplify the update process as much as possible. Find updates for your apps.

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OwnerClario Tech Limited

MacUpdate is a Macintosh software download website founded in 1997. MacUpdate has attracted criticism for bundling adware.[1][2] MacUpdate is owned and operated by Ukrainian[3]Clario Tech.[4] Clario Tech also own the MacKeeper product, which has been categorized as a rogue application,[5]adware[6] and a potentially unwanted application[7] by various anti-virus companies. MacUpdate has been featured in several magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, USA Today, Detroit News & Free Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Macworld, and MacLife. As of March 2021, MacUpdate hosts 32000 apps available for download.

In 2020, MacUpdate was acquired by Clario Tech ltd., a London-Kyiv based cybersecurity company.[8]

Since the acquisition, MacUpdate has been heavily promoting Clario products on the site including the panned[9][10][11]MacKeeper.

Macupdate's promotions include dark and misleading patterns.[12][13][14] Continuing examples of this include an 'anti-virus security' scan that also downloads Clario software when users attempt to download any app from MacUpdate.[15][original research?]


According to Inc. Magazine in 2009, MacUpdate (est. 2006) was the 114th fastest growing privately owned company in the USA. Inc magazine also listed it as the fastest growing company in Michigan and the fifth-fastest growing retail company in the United States. In 2010, the last year that data is publicly available for MacUpdate on that site, INC. Magazine had Macupdate listed as the 233rd.[16]

MacUpdate is updated daily, listing the newest updates and releases of Macintosh software for the Mac OS Xoperating systems. It does not list Microsoft Windows or Linux software, although it does list some software that has been ported from Linux and requires Apple's X11 environment.

The website is free to use with or without signup. A membership service is also available that offers users expanded services such as email notifications, watch lists, daily email newsletters, and the ability to rate and review software, and discounts on software sales.[17]

In 2007, MacUpdate launched the MacUpdate Promo Shop, which offered a Macintosh application or bundle of applications at a discount. The MacUpdate Promo program has since then transformed into MacUpdate Shop

MacUpdate Desktop[edit]

In July 2014 MacUpdate launched a new version of its MacUpdate Desktop application (Version 6) which enables members to automatically update any Macintosh-compatible software on their computer that is also tracked by MacUpdate. Programs not tracked by the MacUpdate website are not able to be updated. Version 6 of the software, however, has attracted complaint from customers regarding its efficacy and reliability.[18]

In addition, programs purchased through the Apple Store are, for the average user, incompatible with MacUpdate Desktop updates unless the program defaults to the Apple Store.

Nevertheless, MacUpdate has experienced a more than 50% rise in its Alexa Traffic rating [19] since its new partnership with AdRoll, a retargeting advertisement company, and the deployment of Version 6 of its MacUpdate Desktop application.

MacUpdate Desktop was a freemium app, giving users up to 5 free updates per month at no charge. Users requiring unlimited updates can do so at a further annual cost. MacUpdate also provides another paid membership option, which it calls promo membership, which provides unlimited Desktop downloads as well as additional promotional bundle incentives.

Starting with version 6.1.7 MacUpdate Desktop will not let users see updates or give you 5 free updates. They now have to pay $20 for a six month membership.


Software on MacUpdate is organized into 10 categories, each with additional sub-categories:

  • Business
  • Dashboard
  • Development
  • Drivers
  • Education
  • Games
  • Home & Personal
  • Internet
  • Multimedia & Design
  • Utilities

Additionally, software may be filtered by license:

  • Free
  • Shareware
  • Demo
  • Updater
  • Commercial


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Retrieved from ''
[] St. Julians, Malta - Independent development team, CoreCode today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of MacUpdater 1.2.7, their new app updating utility for macOS. MacUpdater scans any Mac's Application folder, quickly identifying installed applications that have updates available. Apps can then be updated with just a few clicks of the mouse.
In addition to its speedy manual scanning abilities, MacUpdater can be set to run automatically at startup, placing itself in the Menu Bar, where it runs quietly in the background. The app periodically checks installed apps for any available updates, notifying users when a new update is available. A handy numbered icon indicator keeps a tally of how many apps need updating, and the update process can be started by clicking the Menu Bar icon.
'While the Mac App Store does a good job of updating apps that are purchased in the Mac App Store, there isn't a reliable way to know when the apps you've downloaded and installed from other sources require an update,' says CoreCode marketing manager Brigitte Zmoelnig. 'MacUpdater gets rid of the drudgery of manually checking your apps one-by-one for updates, making it convenient to let the app take care of things.'

Macupdater Free

MacUpdater not only checks for available app updates, in most cases the utility can also download and install the update for you. When MacUpdater can't automatically update an app, it can launch the app's updater for you. The app even detects when Mac App Store apps need an update. While MacUpdater can't update those apps, it can open the Mac App Store, so users can update the app there.
Features include:
* Automatically tracks the latest updates available for installed Mac apps
* Finds the latest version that's compatible with the installed macOS version
* Apps with updates listed in red for easy detection
* Provides one-click update for many apps, just click the 'Update' button for any app
* Loads at startup, runs quietly in the background
* Low impact on system resources
* Notifies users when updates are available
* Filter Bar: Show all apps, or just apps that are not up-to-date
* Menu Bar icon indicates how many app updates are available
* Optionally makes backups of app before updating themMacupdater
* Use concurrently on up to 5 Macs
* Free trial download allows updating 10 apps
* Total Privacy: No registration needed
* Pay just once, no subscription required
MacUpdater can detect available updates for over 30,000 apps, and the list is growing every day. The app can auto-update around 3,500 popular apps with the click of a button, and that list also continues to grow. While some application vendors, such as Microsoft and Adobe, don't as yet allow updates outside of their closed systems, the CordCode team is working on it. The team is also working on the ability to queue multiple app updates, as well as the ability to view release notes for updates before updating.
'MacUpdater ensures your Mac's installed apps stay up to date. Never again do Mac users have to miss out on important updates that bring new features and eliminate frustrating bugs,' says product manager Jamie Stevenson. 'Our users tell us that they love the app, and they've been offering some terrific feedback that we're using to make the app even better.'
Device Requirements:
* macOS 10.11 or later
* Compatible with macOS High Sierra
Macupdater* 64-bit Processor
* 10.8 MB
Pricing and Availability:

Macupdater Application

Macupdate Promo Bundle

MacUpdater 1.2.7 is a free download and is available worldwide exclusively through the CoreCode website. Users can scan for updates for free and update up to 10 apps for free. Users can pay $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) to unlock the ability to update additional apps. Review copies are available upon request.