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May 28, 2021 This prevents Google Drive backup and sync on macOS Big Sur. In this case& you can install the latest version to fix the issue. You can do this by clicking the Apple icon present on the top-left of your screen& followed by clicking About this Mac. Dec 16, 2020 Recently, I wrote a piece about how macOS Big Sur on M1-based MacBooks and Air laptops broke the Google Drive Backup & Sync tool. Because of this, I opted to turn back to my old standby, Insync. KEXT are basically drivers for Mac OS X and higher. They are being deprecated and users may experience issues with installing Google Drive File Stream due to KEXT that needs to be resolved by following steps below. System Extension Blocked (Drive File Stream, MacOS: Big Sur)-User flows for KEXT installation (Kernel Extension). Jun 23, 2020 Recommended Answer. Relevant Answer. Yes, since this morning it now 'works' (in big sur, latest beta version) but Backup+Sync seems to be creating a lot of duplicate files. Previously, my 130G Google Drive was 80% full, now it's still syncing and it's 96% full. Google drive file stream does not work on Big Sur. Google announced late deadline of April 2021 to fix the bug. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the MacOS community.

Drive File Stream is still considered a Beta application by Google, so features may change quickly and issues may arise. If you ever have an issue logging in or accessing Drive File Stream, your Drive and all of its contents will always be available via a web browser with the use of the internet. Download Drive File Stream. Because Drive files are stored in the cloud, any changes you or your collaborators make are automatically updated everywhere. You may want to check out more software for Mac, such as CloudPlay - Stream Free Music from YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm, online radio, Dropbox, Google Drive, Xiami, and more, Google Drive or DVR.Webcam - Google Drive. uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential, while others improve your experience by providing insights into how MacUpdate is being used. If you’re looking for more info on our cookie usage, explore our Privacy Policy or the privacy settings in your . uses cookies.

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Drive File Stream is the recommended Google Drive client for faculty and staff on university computers. It is the business-oriented Drive client which provides full access to all files in your “My Drive” and “Shared Drives” from your Mac.

Installing Google Drive File Stream

Open the Self Service app found in your /Applications folder. In the 'Communication and Web' category, find 'Google Drive File Stream' then click 'Install.'

Google Drive File Stream and macOS Big Sur

Macs running macOS Big Sur require additional steps to use Google Drive.

The first time you open Google Drive, you may see three notifications about a System Extension.

Click Open System Preferences. The System Preferences app opens to Security & Privacy settings.

Click the Allow button beside 'System software from developer 'Google, Inc.' has been updated.'

Note: You do not need to unlock System Preferences to complete this step.

You will be prompted to restart your Mac. Click Restart to complete the installation.

Google Drive will not function until you've restarted your Mac.

Accessing Files

Google Drive File Stream will automatically open when you log in to your Mac. You can also launch the 'Google Drive' app found in your /Applications folder. When running, you'll see the Google Drive logo in your menu bar.

'Google Drive' appears in your Finder sidebar under 'Devices.' Click the 'Google Drive' device to access your files.

Google File Stream App

'My Drive' and 'Shared drives' are both available via Google Drive File Stream. If you aren't a member of any Shared drives, you won't be able to select the 'Shared drives' folder.

Drive File Stream is fully integrated with Finder. Files stored in Google Drive will display previews and useful metadata, just like any other file on your Mac.

Google File Types

Google file types, such as .gdoc, .gsheet, and .gslide, can't be opened with an app on your Mac. When you click these files your default web browser will open to the Google Drive web interface.

File Status

Files with a 'cloud' icon are available only while connected to the Internet.

Files with a 'timer' icon are currently being streamed to your Mac.

Files with no status icon are available offline.

Making Files Available Offline

Macos Big Sur Google Drive Mp4

Right click (or hold Control and click) the file or folder you'd like to make available offline. Hover over the 'Drive File Stream' contextual menu item, then click 'Available offline.'

Google Drive Stream Mac

Files made available offline will always be accessible, even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Google Drive


AFAIK Drive File Stream is bugged on Big Sur (I’ve only tested with M1 Macbooks, but maybe a problem with Intel as well) and doesn’t work. After installation, the “approve system extension flow” doesn’t show the Allow button in System Preferences, so there’s no way to give the needed permissions. Jan 05, 2021 After the Mac OS Big Sur installation, I can’t access Google Drive File Stream (not a Backup & Sync). A popup window tells me to open Preferences Security and privacy and allow the loading of the “ Google Inc ” software, but when I open it no software to enable appears. Use Drive File Stream on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer Open Drive File Stream. At the top left of your screen, go to System Preferences Security & Privacy General. Next to 'System software.

Unlimited storage space for all your files and the ability to share files and folders easily. Google Drive also gives you mobile access for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. So, wherever you are, you can access your files.

Drive File Stream is a desktop application that allows you to access all of your Google Drive files directly from your Mac or PC, without using your disk space.

Open All
  • Unlimited storage space for files.
  • It allows the upload of all file types.
  • Files and folders can be easily shared with other users.
  • It offers optional mobile and desktop clients.

To start using Google Drive, go to UCD Connect and click on the Google Drive icon. Using the web interface you can upload, share and edit files in real-time.

Drive File Stream is a desktop application that allows you to access all of your Google Drive files directly from your Mac or PC, without using your disk space. See our Drive File Stream page for more information.

You can sync your mobile device by downloading and installing Google Drive. You can install Google Drive on multiple devices.

During the installation you will be asked to sign in to Google Drive. Enter your UCD email address into the username field, leave the password blank and click login. At the next screen, enter your UCD Connect username and password.

You can sync your My Drive folder with your mobile device by downloading and installing the Google Drive app. You can install Google Drive on multiple devices.

Instructions for mobile devices:

During the installation you will be asked to sign in to Google Drive. Enter your UCD email address into the username field, leave the password blank and click login. At the next screen, enter your UCD Connect username and password.

The link below explains how to set levels of access to folders and files in Google Drive as well as providing information on some of the security features available.

Team Drives provide shared spaces in Google Drive where teams can create and store files. They have their own section within the Google Drive interface. Individuals can be a member of multiple Team Drives. Each is shown in the Team Drives section.

See the Shared Drives page for more information.

macOS 11 Big Sur is one of Apple’s largest overhaul to mac os to date. In this article, we’re going to go over download macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) Image but also the best new macOS Big Sur features that you need to know.
Apple released mac os 11 Big Sur which is a huge update not just in features and design but it’s the first mac os release to not begin with a 10

in 19 years I’ve been using some version of mac os 10 dot whatever for two thirds of my life now so it’s kind of huge that we finally transitioned to mac OS 11. With that said in this article, we’re gonna go over some of the new updates and features in mac os big sur before we get started and hop over to download macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) image.

The first major change is the updated design and overall interface refinement we’ll start with the menu bar which is now translucent and sort of blends in with the wallpaper and also adds some new useful features like control center which gives users quick access to wi-fi bluetooth do not disturb airdrop dark mode media playback brightness sliders etc and it’s customizable the notification center has been updated with grouped notifications and these notifications are a bit interactive as well you can also add widgets in different sizes similar to ios 14.

Energy Saver

macOS big sur does away with the energy saver section of system preferences replacing it with a new battery section that expands the battery reporting capabilities of the mac there’s a new usage history feature which provides details on the max battery life over the course of the last 24 hours or the last 10 days broken down into battery level and screen on usage that you can see exactly how your battery is performing.

Full Height Sidebars

macOS Big Sur apps have added new full height sidebars similar to what was introduced in iPad OS 14 and the dock looks a bit different with its new floating design and translucent look apple has also redesigned its app icons and made them all uniform in size and shape. Speaking of apps a few apps on the mac have been updated significantly starting with safari the start page has changed quite a bit with the ability to set custom background images and decide what appears on the start page by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner and then checking or unchecking the boxes that you want on your start page.

Download macOS Big Sur 11.2 VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) Image (20D64) (February 1, 2021) [Recently Updated]

Even if you haven’t read those updates or don’t know much about many updates, you still might be interested in macOS Big Sur as everyone is talking about. In fact, Mac users are whole over the world and are not in millions but in billions. So that’s why you might be interested in downloading macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox image. In this case, we have come up with macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox image file. Here you go.

Macos Big Sur 11.0.1 (20b29) Google Drive

Simply click on the link and you will be redirected to Google Drive, click download there and you’re good to go.

macOS Big Sur 2021

  • Download macOS Big VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) Image file Part 1 [Jan 05, 2021]

  • Download macOS Big VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) Image file Part 2 [Jan 05, 2021]

Get Early Access & Help Us Keep Updating The Files

Don’t want to wait, get early access to all the latest version of macOS files and images.

If you’ve some problems downloading it, you can always fix google drive download problem.

  • How to Fix Google Drive Download Limit, Quota Exceeded Error

When you download the file, you can now install macOS Big Sur on VMware or VirtualBox with macOS Big Sur VNware & VirtualBox image. This file is the most required file and without this, you cannot install macOS Big Sur on Windows.

Install macOS Big Sur on Windows

There are two ways you can download macOS Big Sur on Windows. The first one is install macOS Big Sur on VMware, and the second one is install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox. Unlike Catalina, you can only install it on VMware and VirtualBox in one method, not in two, not in three or four.

Here are the links to it.

Improved Safari

You can now search out safari extensions in the mac app store as extensions have their own dedicated category and there are new privacy settings for safari extensions themselves speaking of privacy there is a new privacy button on the safari toolbar which will give you information about what each website is tracking and collecting during your visits to those pages in the navigation bar you will also notice a translation button that can basically translate web pages between seven different languages with just one simple click.

New Messages

The messages app on the mac received a huge update to be more in line with the new ios and ipad os versions adding features like pinned conversations inline replies group photos and mentions there’s also an updated search engine for messages which makes it easier than ever to search for links photos and the text that you’re looking for like messages maps also received an update to match ios and iPad OS with the new cycling directions feature added as well as the new guides that are created to help users find new places to eat shop and explorecities from trusted brands and partners and those lists will automatically update as time goes on with fresh new places to visit.

Enhanced Control Centre

If we go all the way up to the top into the menu bar, you will see these two little icons right here, and that’s going to be for the control center. So for the first time in mac West, we have a control center just like we do with the iPhone and the iPad. And it looks very similar. A lot of these elements look very similar as well, and you can see, you can change, you know, a lot of things from here, your wifi, Bluetooth, your airdrop, you have your keyboard, brightness screaming, mirroring do not disturb.

Big Sur Macos Install

You have all these different things you could change from here. You also have a little airplay icon right here, so you can airplay the sound really easily from the control center. And the best part about this is that you can actually drag this control center icon to the menu bar itself. So like if you wanted to have quick and easy access to the keyboard brightness without having to go into the control center and then clicking on keyboard brightness, we can actually drag this up to the menu bar right here and let go. And you can see now we have that quick little toggle there to change the keyboard brightness, which is very, very useful for the Mac book. And of course we can do that with anything. So like the wifi, the Bluetooth, we can drag all of these up there, screen mirroring. However, you can get this and all thse features if you download macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox (VMDK) file

Google Drive File Stream Macos Big Sur Compatibility

Easy to Access Control Centre

We can do that as well. All of these can be up there in the menu bar for quick and easy access. So I really, really love the new control center. And it really makes you feel like, you know, you’re just kind of using the iPhone or the iPad, but just on a bigger screen, of course, on a computer, but everything just seems a lot more familiar now with maca West big Sur. I think the control center has a lot to do with that. And another element that has Mecca West big serve, feeling a lot like iOS and iPad, Wes is going to be the notification center.

Google Drive File Stream Macos Big Sur Download


And that was all about download macOS Big Sur VMware & VirtualBox image file. If it works for you and you think this was awosome, let us know in the comment down below. If it didn’t work, also let us know and we will try to help you out.