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Outlook and Outlook for Mac: Update File Versions This Wiki page lists the MSI-based Outlook related file versions and updates with release dates and KB articles. Click an Outlook version to jump to that section as follows:. Note: The headings on this list indicate the Macintosh System bundle names; the bullet points indicate the version of the System File included in that bundle. This is to make it clearer for people searching for specific bundle versions as opposed to System File versions. Finder File versions are not indicated. System 0.85 (128k) (1983) System 1.0 (128k / 512k) (1984) (also numbered System 0.97. Version 10.11: “El Capitan”. Version 10.11 El Capitan. Mac OS X 10.11 EL Capitan is the Twelfth major release of the Mac OS X. It was released on September 30, 2015. Apple stated that they made refinements to the Mac experience and has the improvements to the system performance. Rather than the new features.

What is a good auto-clicker program for Mac?

Let’s recount the stories of all Mac OS X versions, up to the current macOS. Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah) March 24, 2001: Aqua interface is born with Mac OS X Cheetah. It’s a big step in the evolution of graphical interfaces, with 2D and 3D graphics support, granting an all-new visual experience. Cheetah featured a water theme, which. Once you have determined all of this, you should be able to find the latest versions of OS X by clicking on the Mac App Store icon in the OS X Dock and then login to the Mac App Store using your Apple ID and password and if you purchased a download code, input that code.

Mac Auto Clicker is robust, but easy-to-use software with many extra options that may free your fingers and save your time. An auto clicker is a mouse automation software program that can be utilized to click on at present mouse cursor location any number of times as per your choice.


An Auto clicker for mac gives a number of methods to start and stops the automatic-clicking of the mouse cursor. Relying upon your comfort and utilization you need to use any of the obtainable choices to begin and stop the clicking of this free software in your Mac OS.

Mac Auto Clicker will not change your life, however, might save your finger. Typically, you come throughout a software program that you simply did not know you wanted. Auto-Clicker is one such software tool or program with the easy operation it clicks your mouse. Once you consider the functions it may be very useful certainly.

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Moreover, this free program can record a number of clicks right into a macro so you may play them again hands-free. This can be a nice solution to automate boring tasks. It does not do a lot but does it properly. Auto-Clicker will not be a feature-packed piece of software program. All it merely does is record your mouse clicks together with keystrokes then play them again.

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The purpose of mac auto clicker is that when you have a repetitive activity similar to sorting information you are able to do it once as soon as after which depart the PC to do the remaining for you. This program or tool can record clicks on a number of locations on identical time and you may set a delay between clicks.

It will probably even simulate having greater than a mouse! This is very useful when making an attempt to finish games that depend on mouse clicking. This software program is free and you can follow the mac auto clicker download link available below. If you are looking for enhanced auto clicker version for windows operation systems, you can check that here as well.

System Supported Versions for Mac Auto Clicker

  • Lion (Mac Version 10.7)
  • Mountain Lion (Mac Version 10.8)
  • Mavericks (OS X 10.9)
  • Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

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Key Features

  • Especially, the user can set intervals before the click.
  • Auto mouse clicker mac allow to set intervals between clicks.
  • User can automate stop after clickers.
  • The user can’t automate stop after a time.
  • It supports left-click, right-click, and double click
  • It supports click count times.

The Way It Works

Mac Os

  1. Delay Begin on– Delay the beginning quite a few seconds after the hotkey is pressed
  2. Single Click on – This auto clicker app will execute click on after click on
  3. Double Click on – Auto clicker for Macintosh will execute a double click on session each time
  4. Customized Variety of Clicks – Basically the user can set series of clicks to repeat as a group with a delay between the group of clicks
  5. The Speed of Clicking – Mac Auto clicker software has the flexibility to set the time interval between clicks from Very Sluggish to Very quick, or the person can set a customized value in milliseconds or seconds for the press click speed.
  6. Delay Between Series of Clicks – You can set the delay between the custom group of clicks
  7. It Stops After a Given Time – It will stop automatically after a given time of seconds.