Mac Boot From Usb Installer

I will show you how to download macOS Beta, and then create a bootable macOS Monterey USB Installer Flash Disk!

Plug the bootable installer into a Mac that is connected to the internet and compatible with the version of macOS you're installing. Turn on your Mac and continue to hold the power button until you see the startup options window, which shows your bootable volumes. Select the volume containing the bootable installer, then click Continue. How to boot from the installer drive. With the external drive plugged in: Intel Mac: Restart/power up the Mac and hold down the option key on the keyboard during the boot process. Boot Mac from USB Option l: Startup Manager. If your Mac won't boot up normally, you can set it to boot from a different drive, such as a USB stick containing macOS installation files in bootable format. The drive will have to contain a version of the OS that is compatible with the Mac. As long as you have the bootable installation USB, you can.

If you want to install and test macOS Monterey, creating macOS 12 USB installer is the way to go! This will allow you to quickly install the OS on Intel and M1 Macs.

Step 1 – Enroll in Apple Developer Program

I’ll show you how to enroll into macOS Monterey Beta program. 3 different ways are listed below.

1. = Developer Beta Profile – $99

2. = Public Beta Profile – Free

3. Seedutil Binary = Pick between Public, Developer & Customer Seed – Free

Step 2 – Download macOS 12 Beta

You can go over to my macOS 12 Full Installer Database to grab the latest InstallAssistant.pkg file

Mac Boot From Usb Installer

Step 3 – How to create macOS Monterey Beta USB Installer

I have the steps listed below but if you want to watch a short video on the process, here it is.

Step 3 – Install InstallAssistant.pkg

Boot mac from usb installer

You will now see InstallAssistant.pkg in your Downloads folder. Double click to install it. This package puts the “macOS 12 Install app” into your Applications folder.


Step 4 Erase & Format your USB Flash Drive

Now that you have the macOS 12 Beta app in your /Applications folder you can create your USB Installer! The USB Flash Drive needs to be at least 16GB because the installer is about 12-14GB.

Plug in your USB Flash Drive

Open up Disk Utility and erase your USB Flash drive. Be sure to use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.

Step 5 Install macOS 12 Beta to your USB Drive

Open up the from /Applications/Utilities

2. type in Sudo then space

3. Drag your macOS 12 installer app to the terminal window

Mac Won't Boot From Usb Installer

4. the full path is sudo /Applications/Install macOS 12

5. Add the –volume option then drag your USB Flash Drive to the terminal window.

The final full path will look like this sudo /Applications/Install macOS 12 --volume /Volumes/Untitled

Mac Boot From Usb Installer Download

Hit enter and then enter your account password.

Mac Boot From Usb Installer Free

From here the files will start to copy to your USB flash Drive. The total time should be about 5-10 min depending on your USB Flash drive speed.

Boot Mac From Usb Installer

macOS Monterey USB installer