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I was trying to install pip on Mac OSX since I need to use request lib.

Following the instruction on, I downloaded the file and copied & pasted python in terminal.

And I got the error message:

Install Pip Os X On Windows

Collecting pip

I want to install pip for python 2.7 on my Mac. I think this is the python located in /usr/bin/python. Unfortunately I have already installed Anaconda, which installs python 3.6.3, and changes things so that the command python automatically runs using python 3.6.3. Pip install GDAL The compilation ran to completion and I have GDAL in my virtual env. (edit 2018) Note: To be sure that you install the correct version and avoid any problem. Retrieve the version with gdal-config -version. And then: pip install GDALversion. I want to install pip for python 2.7 on my Mac. Simply run following on terminal if you don't have pip installed on your mac. Sudo easyinstall pip. Download python 3 here: python3. Once you're done with these 2 steps, make sure to run the following to verify whether you've installed them successfully. Python3 -version pip3 -version. Improve this answer. The main advantage of that solution is that it install pip for the python version that has been used to run, which means that if you use the default OS X installation of python to run you will install pip for the python install from the system.

Using cached pip-9.0.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl

Collecting wheel

Using cached wheel-0.29.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl

Installing collected packages: pip, wheel


Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 215, in main

status =, args)

File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 342, in run

Install Pip Osx


File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 784, in install


File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 851, in install

self.move_wheel_files(self.source_dir, root=root, prefix=prefix)


File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 1064, in move_wheel_files

Os X Mojave


File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 345, in move_wheel_files

clobber(source, lib_dir, True)

File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 316, in clobber


File “/var/folders/f5/fhj9zqyn5fv7j4z9kqkjqpmh0000gn/T/tmp9NklKj/”, line 83, in ensure_dir


File “/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/”, line 157, in makedirs

mkdir(name, mode)

OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/pip’


To solve this question, you just need to sudo chown -R $USER /Library/Python/2.7

Mac Osx Install Pip