Install Jenkins Docker Compose


Install Docker and Docker-Compose Refer this Link then continue this article to install jenkins. Install Jenkins master and slave with Docker. There are a lot of CI/CD tools like Bamboo of Atlassian which makes sense for me because I use Jira a lot. I decided to try Jenkins mainly because its Free and has a large community base supporting thousands of plugins. My version of Docker Compose files in installing Jenkins is here.

Install Jenkins Using Docker-compose

The Docker Compose Build Step plugin allows the user to run docker-compose commands as build steps.

For more information about Docker Compose, please check the Docker Documentation.

Version 1.0 (July 12 2018)

Docker compose install jenkins plugin
  • Initial version - freestyle job support


Use Custom Docker Compose File

The Use Custom Docker Compose File option is available on all Docker Compose build steps and is used to select a compose file other than the default ($WORKSPACE/docker-compose.yml). This option supports both absolute and relative paths.

Start/Stop Services

In the case of the Start service step, use the Scale option to spin up more than one running instance of a service.


Execute Command Inside Running Container

Use the Container Index option to select the instance where you want to run the command.

If the Working Directory is left empty, the plugin will use the default one for the container.

Setup Jenkins With Docker Compose


Docker Compose Install Jenkins Plugin

Pipeline Support

Use the Snippet Generator to generate a Docker Compose Build step 'metastep' for a scripted pipeline.