Install Docker Enterprise

Install Gatling Enterprise and Cassandra easily with Docker or Docker Compose

On other Windows systems you will have to setup Docker yourself. There are two ways to install Docker on Windows depending on your Windows version. Docker Installer Method: Windows 10 64-bit Professional, Enterprise, and Education Versions include Hyper-V and therefore will support Docker natively. Follow this guide to install Docker for. The first step is to install Docker, which is required for working with Windows containers. Docker provides a standard runtime environment for containers, with a common API and command-line interface (CLI). For more configuration details, see Docker Engine on Windows.

Running Gatling Enterprise with Docker is the recommended solution, as it requires the minimal amount of setup and is the easiest way to upgrade to newer versions.

Getting Gatling Enterprise’s Docker image#

Gatling Enterprise’s image is hosted as a private image on Docker Hub.

Please contact our support and provide us with your Docker Hub username so we can grant you access.

Install docker on ubuntu

Setup Cassandra#

The following command will start a single-node Cassandra cluster, using the official Cassandra image.This will also mount a local directory on the host into the container, to persist its data across starts/stops of the Cassandra container.

Install Docker Linux

Copy Gatling Enterprise default configuration#

Install Docker Enterprise

To be able to persist Gatling Enterprise (required, as it stores the license information and key used for data encryption), create a directory and copy Gatling Enterprise’s default configuration to a file named frontline.conf.


Copy logback configuration#

The default log behavior is too verbose from a performance point of view. You will have to put this logback.xml file in the same directory as frontline.conf:

Setup Gatling Enterprise#

The following command will start Gatling Enterprise, mapping to its default port on the host.This will also mount two volumes:

  • A volume with Gatling Enterprise’s configuration, prepared by the previous step.
  • A volume to store uploaded private keys (required by features like Git cloning and by some cloud providers)
You should change your frontline.conf to let frontline know where to find cassandra. Because of the docker context, they are two different containers and cannot, by default, reach each other as localhost. If really they are on the same host, you can add --network host argument to docker run.
Depending on your needs, you may need to configure additional volumes on the Gatling Enterprise container (SSL certificate if HTTPS is configured, or keystore/truststore for LDAP support)

Install Docker Enterprise Download

Docker compose#

For your convenience, here are some docker compose instructions to set up a quick test environment. This is enough to start Gatling Enterprise locally.

Install Docker Enterprise Linux

Cassandra container:

Based on cassandra image cassandra:3.11, you’ll have to bind a local directory on the volume to store and keep your data. A healthcheck will be started on the container.

Install Docker Enterprise For Windows

Gatling Enterprise container:

Install Docker Enterprise On Windows 10

Wait until cassandra container healthcheck indicates that all is well.Set the version of Gatling Enterprise you want to deploy, bind a local directory for Gatling Enterprise configuration and keys.


Create a folder to store the files, add the given docker-compose.yml, then run docker-compose up -d.Once ready, visit Gatling Enterprise at http://localhost:10542!