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GoodTask is a task manager based on Apple's Reminders and Calendars. With rich functions added on Reminders and Calendars, you'll reach a whole new level of productivity with GoodTask. Try it now and achieve great things!

Though to-do is available for free, you can upgrade to the premium version to have unlimited access to all the important features like themes, files, and collaboration for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year through. GoodTask 3 is a fully featured task or project manager for Mac. Google Messages for Desktop is a desktop app that is wrapped around the official Google Messages web client. It works exactly like it does on Google Chrome.

Perhaps the most obvious fix for any OS-related issues is to update to the latest version of macOS. Simply launch System Preferences, click Software Update, and run any outstanding Apple software updates. Another common cause of high CPU usage by the kerneltask process is Adobe Flash.

From simple checklist to complex project management

Whether you're going to the grocery store or working on heavily complicated project, GoodTask is just right for you. You can check your checklist on Widget and Apple Watch on-the-go and also manage calendar events with detail subtasks for each task.

When Wunderlist closed down we’ve been left without a good task manager that easily syncs across Google and MacOS. AnyDo doesn’t have a MacOS app. I can’t get my Google assistant to add a new todo into to ‘Todoist’. Google Tasks isn’t great but it does have the advantage that it is built right in to gMail. Download Microsoft To Do for macOS 10.14 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Stay organized and manage your day-to-day with Microsoft To Do. Make shopping lists or task lists, take notes, record collections, set reminders and more to improve your productivity and focus on what matters.


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Syncs with Apple's Reminders & Calendars

GoodTask shows your Apple's Reminders and Calendars data on a clean simple interface. Check what's on your schedule today and the day after. Also you can see everything on week or month basis. See what you've done last week and check what you're going to do next month!

Get Productive with Smart Lists

With powerful Smart Lists, you can filter your tasks as you want. See your tasks including #tags or even excluding #tags. See with certain lists and calendars combined. See the ones that's overdue only or recently added ones. Check them on day, week and month basis and get things done.

Quick Actions and Text Snippets

On GoodTask, you can setup Quick Actions that will let you add tasks the way you want in a blink. You can also setup text snippets to easily setup your task as you type in. You can keep on adding with settings preserved until you get everything settled.

GoodTask has been selected as 'MacStories Selects App of the Year 2018' and has been selected as 'Apps We Love Right Now', 'Be More Productive' and 'Get Stuff Done' on Apple App Store multiple times.

Unlimited possibilities and customization that GoodTask provides are the key factors of what people love about GoodTask


If your life or work filling by lots of tasks, and you are using Reminders or Calendar to help you manage your day, then GoodTask is a powerful tool which will take your organization strategy to the next level. With a sleek and friendly interface, GoodTask works for you rather than against you to make things simpler.

The Perfect GTD addition to Reminders ... This app gives you everything you need as an addition to reminders for extra GTD without any fluff. ..

I replaced other to do apps I was using and really like the straightforward, easy-to-use, and elegant approach of GoodTask. It gets 'out of the way' and lets me stay on top of my tasks versus spending time messing with features I don't use.

This app essentially works as a prettier, more flexible, and more powerful front end for the built-in Reminders app, and does so wonderfully.

Awesome capabilities & supportGoodTask is an amazing adjunct to Apple’s Reminders.

A native-like desktop app for Google Messages.
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All the features you love, but now on your desktop.

Native notifications

Use your OS's built-in notification system to make sure you never miss a message.

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Use your favorite browser

Not a Google Chrome user? You'll no longer need to open Google Chrome to start chatting!

How it Works

Google Messages for Desktop is an unofficial open-source project that was built as a wrapper around the official web client. It is built using the Nativefier command line tool. It works exactly like it does on Google Chrome, but as a standalone desktop application. This project is not affiliated with Google.


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