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Google Keep is not the first note-taking app in the world, even Google released it when Evernote at the peak of popularity. But Google Keep has one advantage that Evernote or other services does not have, that is the simplicity and integration with the Google account, anyone have a Google account, right? Especially if you are using Android.

Google Keep Mac Desktop App Download

First released on Android and the web, Keep instantly became my favorite note-taking app. I write almost anything on the Keep, shopping lists, passwords, and many ideas that often come to my mind.


Google Keep Mac Desktop App Free

Google Keep’s desktop native app are not available until now, but we can run Keep as a desktop app through Chrome.

Google keep mac desktop app in your mac laptop

. Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. Organize your notes with labels and colors. Set and forget. Get reminded about a note at the right time or place. Record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed. Once installed, the Google Drive for Desktop app delivers four key features for people who use Windows or macOS devices. First, it lets you access Google Drive from your local system (i.e., either.

Mac Desktop For Pc

Google Keep Mac Desktop App

There is a Keep app for Chrome, and here’s how I run it without having to open when I using a laptop or pc.

1. Open your Chrome and go to Keep’s Chrome Web Store

2. Go to chrome://apps/ and right click on Keep icon, choose create shortcuts.

3. Check all options on the popup box.

4. Ok, now you should see a Keep shortcut on your desktop.

Is Google Keep Available For Mac

5. Run it and enjoy the Google Keep on your laptop or pc.