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When Companies Outgrow FoxPro

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If your company depends on a custom FoxPro application, you may be experiencing its limitations. Spending time fixing old spaghetti code puts a strain on your IT resources.

Even if you upgraded to VFP 9.0, maintaining a non-supported framework is still time-consuming. When your FoxPro application has a growing user base, it will eventually tax your system. On-the-fly repairs may solve an immediate short-term problem, but business transaction processing often becomes slow and patchy.

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When your business runs on a rock solid database, you can focus on customers instead of technology. The details of a VFP replacement may seem daunting unless you have an expert streamlining the process.

At Engineationourprofessional Visual FoxPro developers, designers, and report writers have a stellar track record of smoothly converting VFP forms and FoxPro applications to newer, supported frameworks. Our team of experts helps you affordably migrate enterprise level VFP infrastructures to SQL Server, .NET, NoSQL platforms, and/or other alternative/hybrid environments. You can expect your database migration to be predictable and timely. Our transparent approach alleviates the stress of development projects, while keeping the bottom line affordable.

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