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Clover EFI bootloader UEFI support. This version of clover is for UEFI systems only.
Slice, with help of Kabyl, usr-sse2, jadran, Blackosx, dmazar, STLVNUB, pcj, apianti, JrCs, pene, FrodoKenny, skoczy,, Oscar09, xsmile, SoThOr, rehabman, Download-Fritz, Zenit432, cecekpawon…
Source code credits to:
Intel, Apple, Oracle, Chameleon, rEFIt and Xom.
Package credits to:
Chameleon team, crazybirdy, JrCs. Custom package by Dids.
Supports Fat32, HFS+, APFS, ESP.
Copyright © 2012-2019
Built by Did's Clover Builder Script

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Download details. Clover EFI bootloader v5.0 r5139. Clover EFI Bootloader for macOS, Windows and Linux in UEFI and in legacy mode. Clover Bootloader supports booting EFI files. This article will guide how to boot Ubuntu and Linux Mint ISO from Clover Bootloader. Overview: Clover Bootloader supports booting EFI files, in this article, I will add the Grub2 EFI file (grubx64.efi) to Clover Bootloader.


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