Citrix Workspace App For Mac

  1. Click the button labeled 'Download Citrix Workspace app for Mac' to download the installer file. Save the file to your downloads folder (safari does this by default). Navigate to your 'Downloads' folder and double click the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file. Double click the 'Install Citrix Workspace' button.
  2. Upgrade to Citrix Workspace app for Mac 2102 either through Auto Update or manually installing it from Citrix downloads page.; If you are launching the virtual desktop sessions from the Browser, after upgrading to version 2102 launch the Desktop session from Citrix Workspace app native mac client at least once to actually see the feature (so that the feature flags are synced to your machine.).

Citrix Workspace App Download Mac Catalina; Citrix Workspace Update Mac; Download Citrix Receiver For Mac; On a Mac computer, the.dmg file appears in the Mac Downloads folder. Click the folder and then select the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file. When prompted, open Install Citrix Workspace. Click Continue and follow the instructions provided by the. Citrix Workspace app for Mac allows you to use an Input Method Editor (IME) on either the user device or on the server. When client-side IME is enabled, users can compose text at the insertion point rather than in a separate window. Citrix Workspace app for Mac also allows users to specify the keyboard layout they want to use.

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How it all works

The role of a driver for printing is very crucial for printing in Citrix Workspace app for Mac. After installing the driver, you should be able to print directly from Citrix Workspace app on Mac. The Workspace app is transparent to the driver. It gets the postscript data from VDA and forwards it to the available printers without altering the data or settings.
In this example, we have simulated the same core printing APIs used in Citrix Workspace app for Mac. Use the sample, select a file, and print. If this sample is able to print, then Citrix Workspace app on Mac will most probably be able to use your printer.

Prerequisites and scope

VDA 'HP LaserJet PS 2800' drivers signed by Microsoft is required for client printer redirection on Citrix Workspace app on Mac.

Citrix Receiver

What is supported

  • Standalone scanners.
  • Dedicated virtual channel for printing. For more information, see and
  • UPD postscript printer drivers, provided the following conditions are met :
    1. The printer driver is installed on the macOS client.
    2. Core printing on macOS can work with the vendor-provided driver successfully.
    3. Changes in macOS impact the printing behavior (core printing APIs on macOS). Core Printing APIs have not been updated lately and might be prone to errors. For example, we had issues with double-sided printing on Catalina, which were resolved in Big Sur.
Citrix Workspace App For Mac

What is not supported

Citrix Workspace App For Mac Dpi

  • Multi-function scanners. A multifunction is a composite device that has more than one interface.
  • USB device splitting feature in GUSB virtual channel. Citrix Workspace app on Mac does not have the capability to differentiate between different interfaces of a composite device. This problem is not limited to our app, but printing on macOS in general. For more information, see On some printers, when printed from a session in Citrix Workspace app on Mac, printing is always either duplex or single sided depending on the printer. It ignores the Duplex/Single-sided settings issued from the VDA. This is a limitation on the macOS. When using the core printing Apple framework, macOS printing is being overridden by the printing settings in the CUPS printing system. This is a new behavior on the macOS 10.15 (Catalina) onwards. As a workaround, change the settings in CUPS printing system on macOS. You have to manually set the Duplex/Single-sided settings on CUPS.
  • Printer redirection through third party drivers.

External dependencies for printing (Apple/HP)

Citrix Workspace App For Mac Mojave

  • macOS drivers for creating the print job.
  • Print support for macOS is very fragile as we depend on HP driver on VDA, explicitly signed by Microsoft. This is a limitation for compatibility with macOS.
  • On VDA 'HP LaserJet PS 2800 (Microsoft)' drivers signed by Microsoft is mandatorily required for client printer redirection on macOS.
  • macOS default: workaround may be used to change settings in the CUPS daemon.

Paid desktop workspace application

Once known as Citrix Receiver, Citrix Workspace is a subscription-based Mac desktop application where employees and freelancers can work together in the same space. Much like VirtualBox and AnyDesk, you can view personalized tasks or other apps with an improved focus away from distractions. The system also lets you manage the network and devices in a way that makes workers more productive.

The workspace is virtually surrounded by an intelligent security perimeter to ensure that all your records and data remain protected. Your team can access data locally or via the cloud, whether on a PC or mobile device.

Top features of Citrix Workspace

Citrix has fourdifferent subscription packages based on the features you want to install. The time it takes to install on your device or server depends on the number of users and how many functions you need. Some of these include VPN, SSO, multifactor authentication, virtual apps, cloud management, and storage.

Employee engagement and productivity

Citrix Workspace App For Mac Update

Many businesses use Citrix Workspace on Mac to improve employee productivity. Two of the top features that pave the way to this success are the ease of access to information and collaboration. Your team can also assist with digital transformation in the company using engaging tools with the best functionality.

What happened to Citrix Receiver?

As of August 2018, the developers ceased updating the older version called Citrix Receiver. While you can still download previous versions of Receiver for Mac, you won’t receive any updates. All of the latest features are going into Workspace instead.


Our take

If you have a business with several employees and struggling to meet deadlines, perhaps Citrix Workspace is what you need. There are a few free alternatives out there, but none of them have the depth and functionality of this Mac app. You’ll see a vast improvement in productivity and engagement with numerous functions at your disposal.

Should I download it?

Citrix Workspace App For Mac

Yes, but only if you’re willing to foot the bill. You’ll pay per user, which can be expensive if you have a massive company. Of course, if productivity equates to better revenue, it may just be worth paying for.


  • Promote productivity
  • Optimal design for large companies
  • Intelligent security parameter
  • Contains a VPN

Citrix Workspacefor Mac