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Step 3: Download MacOS Mojave You’ll need to grab MacOS Mojave from the Mac App Store. The best way to retrieve a copy is to follow this link on a Mac, as Mojave doesn’t show up when. Before you begin to download the macOS 10.14 Mojave, you should make sure your Mac can run the software. Apple has said that macOS 10.14 will run on every Mac released from 2012 onwards, which.

Longtime macOS users will know that even though the Mac has a built-in recovery partition, it’s always useful to have a dedicated USB drive with a macOS installer. I am a big fan of using a tool like DiskMaker X to create them to keep around if I need to wipe a drive and reinstall macOS quickly. If you have a drive created for Mojave, Sierra, and High Sierra, know that a certificate has expired. If you are getting an error similar to “This copy of the Install macOS application is damaged, and can’t be used to install macOS”, read on to learn how to fix it.

If you’re getting the above error message when you go to install macOS, you’ll likely experience some panic about what to do. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. As first reported by, a fix is quite simple.

Cannot download Mac Mojave application because it is damaged. MacBook Air purchased in 2017 don’t know what - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist. The Mojave Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs is available for download from DosDude1. This is the same guy that did this for High Sierra, and has supplied a series of other hacks and workarounds. One of the most reported macOS Mojave problems is a Mac getting stuck in the middle of the Mojave installation. A simple explanation — your Mac is just not technically fit to run Mojave. According to Apple, macOS 10.14 can be launched only on Macs not older than from 2012. If you can't install macOS Mojave, your Mac may not be compatible. First check the requirements on Apple Technical Specifications. Then, you can manually download the installer through Apple Official Support or the Mac App Store.

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The cause of this error is an expired certificate, and because the certificate is expired, the “Install macOS” app for Mojave, Sierra, and High Sierra will not run. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution to the “damaged” installer problem.


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Below are the download links for the recent versions of macOS.

You may need to reboot the Mac after you have downloaded the new (and valid certificate) installer application, particularly if you had already launched a version that showed the application damaged error message.

If you are new to making macOS boot drives, we’ve got articles to help.

Another benefit to making a new boot drive is that you’ll get all of the various macOS updates that have been released since you made your last one. It’ll make your installation process a lot faster if you are recovering from a dead hard drive, since you won’t need to install macOS and then apply patches right afterward. While the process of repairing the “This copy of the Install macOS application is damaged, and can’t be used to install macOS” isn’t fun, thankfully, it’s easy.

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This further means that, using a combo update, you can update from macOS 10.15 directly to Mac OS X 10.15.2, skipping the 10.15.1. But you cannot go from, let's say, 10.14.x to 10.15.x. For example, using a combo update, you cannot upgrade from macOS Mojave to macOS Catalina. Please note that combo updates are huge. Here is how you can use them. 'Tried to upgrade my Mac Mini as well last night, and when it opened up, Finder would crash every single time, and no programs would open. Made a bootable USB installer of Catalina, and it did.

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As expected, Apple has started shipping new Macs with macOS 10.15 Catalina. We're still hesitant to recommend upgrading to Catalina, particularly if you use Mail, since reports of email data loss continue. Luckily, downgrading a new Mac from Catalina to 10.14 Mojave is possible for models other than the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 2019 Mac Pro. Mac scripting expert (and author of the new book Moving to zsh) Armin Briegel has published a guide explaining how to roll back a new Mac that ships with Catalina to Mojave. Unfortunately, the process to install Mojave isn't straightforward, requiring a Mojave Installer USB drive. It's particularly fussy if your Mac is equipped with a T2 security chip since you have to set up an account before you can use Security Utility to enable booting from external drives. Regardless, you will have to erase the internal drive entirely before you can install Mojave due to Catalina's bifurcated drive structure. Presonus studio one autotune. 'After upgrading to macOS Mojave 10.14, my MacBook Pro won't boot at all. I have run First Aid in macOS Recovery mode, but it failed on the startup disk. Then I chose to reinstall macOS directly, but it didn't allow me to do that and gave me this error message: 'You cannot upgrade this version of macOS because a new version is installed'. Anyone can help me?'

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Some users report that their MacBooks, iMacs and otherMacs will not start after macOS update to macOS Mojave and hangs on a gray screen with an Apple Logo. Pull tube 0 11 3 – video downloader mp4. Just like what happened above, if Mac won't reinstall Mojave in macOS Recovery mode, you may receive an error message: 'You cannot upgrade this version of macOS because a new version is installed'. This passage will explain why this error happens and how to fix it.

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Why does 'You cannot upgrade this version of macOS because a new version is installed' error occur?