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App Delete Free

Delete programs on Mac OS X complete and fully

AppDelete is a small Mac utility designed to identify all the files associated with a certain installation and allows you to quickly send them to the trash together with the app of origin. Minimalist design and intuitive interaction. The AppDelete main window does not take up much space but comes packed with functionality.

Mac OS X
December 14, 2006 00:31

AppDelete is an uninstaller for Mac OS X. With AppDelete you can delete all programs on Mac OS X completely. This includes not only the program itself, but also all its folders and icons.

Simply place AppDelete in your Dock and drag the programs you want to delete on the icon.


AppDelete requires at least Mac OS X 10.11




Delete programs completely on Mac OS X


Mac OS X Trash extension to complete the deleting of programs


Empty the trash drive-depending on Mac OS X


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Appdelete Free Download

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App Delete Free Download Windows 10